2012 Presidential Candidates

19 Jan
America under duress

Republik of Amerika

Who are the 2012 nominees for this years must see reality tv show called the Presidential Election.

Lets dive in for a closer look at the candidates.


Here is a list of candidates from all sides.

Official Link To Candidates


Ron Paul – Constitutionalist with a perfect voting record.

Herman Cain (Dropped out) Due to sexual charges and allegations!

Stewart Alexander,

Michelle Bachman (Withdrawn)

Roger Gary,

Newt Gingrich,

Barrack Obama (2008-2012 President),

Randall Terry,

Rick Perry (Out)

Jon Huntsman (Withdrawn)

Gary Johnson,

Kathyern Lane

Fred Karger,

Andy Martin,

Thad McCotter (Dropped)

Tom Miller,


RJ Harris

Carl Person,

Bud Roemer,

Mitt Romney,

Rick Santorum,

Tim Pawlenty (Out)


Most ordinary everyday citizens have never  heard of these names. There distance from politics and issues. Is Similar to the distance from earth to the stars. My suggestion is to get acquainted with some of these names. One of them will be our Commander-in-Chief. He will start and end our wars, stand up for or take away our rights, speak to and for the American people as a whole.


With this much power given to one person. It seems imperative we know this person well.

An uneducated vote is a wasted vote.


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