NAEP Our Nations Report Card

4 Feb

What is the NAEP and our nations report card?

My children go to a private school. They attend a Catholic school. We are not Catholic but are Christians. We are very involved with the school. We also attend mass occasionally so they can participate and will not fail their religion studies. They send a folder home every day with the children. It contains their homework and notes.

Amongst the papers I came across a flyer sent home for the parents. It was from the NAEP. Titled “The Nations Report Card”  I was unaware of this and wanted to find out more. So I did just that.

First thing I thought to do was locate their website . (NAEP) Find out if they are a Government agency. What are their core values. Where are they directing attention to. What is the main focus of this test. After locating their site I began to search around.

Subjects Covered on tests Mathematics, Civics, Reading, Economics, Long Term Trend, Geography, U.S. History, Science, Music, Visual Arts, and Writing. Important subjects that need focus. I was impressed with all the different subjects. Our children should be taught these and many more. On the surface everything seemed to be copacetic. Then I decided to delve a little deeper into the test. Looking for sample questions.  I found samples of graphs, cartoons, questions, and statistics.  All related to the questions found on the test. The NCES is charged with ensuring the NAEP tests do not question test takers about personal or family beliefs or make information about their personal identity publicly available.

So one government agency is in charge of making sure the other agency does its job. I think a private non-government agency should be looking in to their actions and test procedures.

I also found some quotes on the various pages.

“Male students on average, outperformed female students on the first-ever NAEP economics assessment.”

“White and Asian/Pacific Islanders students, on average, scored higher than all other racial/ethnic groups.”

Any state that wishes to receive a Title I grant must include in the state plan it submits to the Secretary of Education an assurance that beginning in the 2002-2003 school year the state will participate in the biennial state-level National Assessment of Educational Progress

Local education agencies that receive a Title I subgrant must include an assurance in their Title I plans they submit to the state that they will participate in biennial state NAEP assessments

NAEP will not assess “personal or family beliefs and attitudes” and all questions are to be “secular, neutral, and non-ideological” and “free from racial, cultural, gender or regional bias.”

The test takes about ninety minutes.

I wanted to give examples of the questions but their website clearly states. “Access to Data and Questions: Parents and members of the public shall have access to all assessment data, questions, and assessment instruments in a secure setting. However, any unauthorized person who knowingly discloses, publishes, or uses assessment questions may be fined or charged with a felony.”

So instead I will link to them. So you can take a look for yourselves. I highly suggest looking at the questions. I found the civics questions to be the most bothersome and disturbing. Also the Global Warming cartoon. That really got to me. The one about Green Organizations and the environment displayed the earth with very few people as good.

Above all of this. The federal government has its hands in too much. They can not properly assess the nations educations problems from that level. It needs to be handed down to the states. So they are capable of dealing with the obstacles on a smaller scale. The Federal government has grown to large to handle many of the hurdles it faces. When in fact they tend to cause more problems than they solve. Federally run programs such as No Child Left Behind. Have failed on a National levels.

Race To The Top.  Is a new education reform tool implemented by the Obama Administration. I assume based on the history of such programs. That  this one is soon to fail as well. Once again the teachers are given cash and grant incentives to get better test results. Not to make students more intelligent. Not mold great thinkers, philosophers and inventors. Teach to the test. Force them to regurgitate  facts.

I do not want to push any one ideology in this article.(If you want to know my political choice just take a look around my articles.) I will definitely say this though. Look at each candidate. See what bills they have voted on when it comes to education. Do they oppose or support programs such as or similar to No Child Left Behind. Where do they think the control should come from when related to education.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments! Please tell me if you agree or disagree!

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