Local Talent Hitting The Stage

9 Feb

                                  With a little help from BDK and hard work local talent will be hitting the stage!

      Billy Da Kid and Nex FM will host a showcase referred to as “Underground, The best local music around, The place to be”

BDK is working hard to promote these events. Hoping to raise the level of awareness regarding artists coming out of the Midwest area. Talent that would normally get swept under the rug or fall through the cracks. He gives them a home. Their success is up to them. If they have the drive and the passion the sky is the limit.

The Alton Telegraph recently published an article.

Their First show was a success. Several artists came out and performed. The turn out was good. The atmosphere was very safe and comfortable. The live music was great. Artists did their thing putting on a fantastic show. You can check out videos on youtube.


That’s just a taste of the talent and intelligence of the ALTON area. BDK has infiltrated and cornered the movement. He has been involved in music for as long as I have known him and long before that. Well aware of the struggles having lived through all elements and aspects of the game. Defeating everything that has been thrown at him.

Local artists struggle to find places for live shows. The persona infused incorrectly with rap and hip hop. Has made it hard to get  the exposure from live shows that is needed for development as an artist and performer. Usually associated with violence, gang activity, drugs, and other distorted facts. Not the case as can be seen from the show held at the VFW.

Booking for the show was held last night( Tuesday 2-7-12) At Riverbend Billiards and Grill. To see if there are any open spots contact BDK. Spots are limited because of the reputation that has been built around it. Nex FM is the new home for Hip Hop and RnB. React fast if interested in performing or attending. Spots and tickets will go fast.

Hopefully everyone can come out and support our talent. Raising our artists to the next level. Help Alton receive the recognition that it deserves. For more information follow the links in the article. Take a look a see what they have to offer. Check out some new stuff while supporting small business, not large corporations.

The Spot To Be

Check it out live April 28th The Spot To Be


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