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18 Feb

Help support the Musical Revolution.  Become fans, download songs, share it, promote it, and enjoy it. Free downloads available.

I will be setting up a website for the revolution. Music, poetry, and art will be the focus. The best tools and weapons we posses are our Voices and our Intellect. Using these weapons gives us an advantage. “They cannot predict or destroy what we have not yet created or imagined.”

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I am trying to get permission from other artists involved in the revolution. To create a mixtape of Revolution, Patriot, Anti NWO, Anti-Illuminati. Then if the mixtape does well. Creating a show which will hopefully grow into a tour. Possibly generating a movement. Artists such as Immortal Technique, Yung-n of Youtube, Rise against, Lupe Fiasco(only a few songs) and many more.

If you notice there is a trend within the industry. Many major players are repositioning themselves. Choosing a side.

Unknown Artist


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