Comment Made On 9/11 Article

28 Mar

The Authorities do know this.They just fail to make it public. If you submit FOIA to government you can obtain some of the information. Just because you are unaware of these facts does not make them false. It just makes you less informed.

9/11 whom ever at fault. Has been used to destroy the America that it once was. These so-called terrorist turn out to be employed by these same alphabet agencies that are doing the investigations.

Many of these so-called patsy’s are mentally challenged/and or unstable. These agencies seek them out to use in plots. That will help crack down on our freedoms and rights. Leading to Americans being violated and treated unconstitutionally.

You attack this person treating them like a nut or crazy person. I am tired of people thinking that we are off our rockers. Just because our government is corrupt. This has been proven and documented to be true. In multiple cases.

I have a question for you. Where do you get your disinformation? This is an information war and you seem to be losing. I think you better re assess the situation and make a more informed statement.

Freedom Writer
No Bull Sh*t Here


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