Are We Starting To Forget About Chemtrails?

15 Apr

With so many attacks against the American people and people worldwide. It’s easy to forget about ones that were covered in the past.

I wish to bring this problem back to the front line. My area is constantly being sprayed by aerosol weather changing agents and other chemicals. A few years ago when i first became aware of this. I wrote an article. This was when i first started this blog. I would like to focus on this once again. The attacks have become more frequent and are more concentrated. I have actually witness these trails block out the sun for the rest of the day.

They began spraying at 215p.m.. Continued spraying until 230p.m.. By 240p.m. the entire sun was hidden under a blanket of chemicals. The trails started out skinny then opened and created a thin layer across the sky. Connecting the grids that were made.

Alton, Illinois Most Haunted Most Chemtrailed

Alton, Illinois Most Haunted Most Chemtrailed

The Midwest seems to be an active area for weather modification, spraying, and/or chemtrails. I did not find these pictures download these pictures or alter these photographs. I did however take these pictures. All in my area and in St Louis. Some took with a cheap camera. Others with my blackberry, and a few with my new phone. In the past I have contacted air traffic control in my area to address the issue and to see about getting some questions answered. The first person I talked to was very helpful and gave me a phone number. It was a direst line to air traffic control. When I called they seemed happy to take my call. Once I identified myself they sounded very eager to answer the questions that I had. I called several times using this number when needing to communicate with them. Once to address the 8th photograph. Several military transport vehicles in my area. There are no bases within 30 miles of my city. They said that there was a training mission going on in the area. Scott Airforce base happened to be who was performing the exercise. In  another instance I had called to ask about heavy traffic over the St Charles area. It was an airshow. There was a lot of traffic flying to and from. Plus the airshow itself.

I thought since I was having such success with the gentlemen commanding the center. I would try my luck and ask some questions about spraying. When I asked about the trails being left behind by the multiple aircraft flying overhead. They came off as speechless. Unable to or unwilling to answer questions. The conversation went from friendly to impersonal. They began saying that i would have to call and get clearance. That my questions were to be submitted to media relations. Either they were afraid to answer or had no answers. Right away based on their reaction it would be correct to assume something is going on.

Well I am aware that something is going on. Even my mother was drawn to these trails. Taking pictures and telling me about them. Asking what I thought and if I knew anything. Slowly my family is coming to me, asking me what i think. How do I know what I know? Realizing that I am not crazy. That all along I was just trying to prepare them and myself. She showed me her pictures and I smirked. She wanted to know what was funny. Then I told her I had thousands of pictures similar to these. Also I Have read many books and watched a few documentary’s about the trails. Are they chem or com?

You look at the facts form your own opinions. I am here to give some places to look. Some subjects to think about. I have looked over the hard facts. Studied their moves. Looked back at history. I am aware of what they are capable of.

Based on all my other findings. All that I have uncovered. Why wouldn’t I think they were doing this. Why wouldn’t I think they were full of shit.

I feel if any person decides to delve into this. They will be singing a slightly different tune. Then the one they started with on this journey.


Link to weather modification article!

Here is an article i did in the past on ChemTrails!



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