Tupac Back On Stage

23 Apr

Recently on Snoop Dogs tour Tupac made a special appearance. Along with Dr. Dre. This may be a new fad or the next big thing. Creating holographic concerts. Bring back such greats as Jimmy Hendrix and Janis Joplin. It would be very exciting to be at a rock concert and Kurt Cobain pops up and starts jamming with Nirvana.

This just may be an example of the concerts for the future. Elvis Pelvic Thrusting all over the country. Many late and great superstars making a dynamic almost fantasy like appearance. Squeezing every last bleeding drop of money out that they can.

How much would you pay? Or would you pay to see a dead legacy live on stage? In a holographic state.

Snoop Dog is capable of performing with his homie. Just as they did before. He seemed pretty comfortable up their dancing with it. I wonder if they invited him to come back to the after party. He looked really good for his age. Making Snoop look old. Appearing to be as cut as the day he died. I guess Jesus has a strict exercise regiment.

I need some other people’s opinions. I thought the reason for a live show was to see that person live. Well at least alive. Let sleeping dogs lie. Tupac is dead and gone.

On the other hand though. With some fantastic over the top special effects. I could see myself enjoying the performance. I still would favor the real thing!

The deceased rapper’s appearance onstage was technically not a hologram, which by definition is required to be 3D, but rather an illusion using a screen and a variation on a technique from the 1900s called Pepper’s Ghost, which involves an image projected on a glass screen.

The performance image was created by a company called Digital Domain, which used San Diego’s AV Concepts projection technology and a Mylar screen licensed from London-based Musicians Systems Limited.

But the idea came from Dre, who, according to TMZ, asked Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, for approval to use the image. A rep for Shakur told TMZ she was “thrilled with Tupac’s virtual performance,” which she reportedly watched online.

According to Nick Smith, the president of AV Concepts, a full holographic live event would cost between $100,000 and $400,000, which would likely translate into a high ticket price.


So tell me is this the next big thing? Or just a one hit wonder?

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