All The Right Tools

26 Mar

Do any of us have what it takes to represent the PR world to its fullest? Do we know how to tap into that world and squeeze its lemons for all the juice they have?

I never thought about how much this field plays into our everyday lives. PR is everywhere and not going anywhere. But with that being said most PR events still are not handled correctly. Whether it is a new product launch or an unforeseen disaster, they are continuously handled incorrectly. I ask myself why though. If PR is this important and companies sometimes fail to the extent of going out of business. Why are they still not hiring the right people?

Thinking back I was able to clearly remember many different events where PR did not succeed in their mission. The government comes to mind the easiest for me. Hurricane Katrina was disaster of large proportions. ” Help is on the way ” That famous statement from every public official on TV. Some places didn’t see help for months. Footage was floating around of the piles of bodies around the Super Dome. I call that an epic fail. Failure to control the situation, failure to all be on the same page, and failure to be prepared.

Big business also falls short sometimes when it counts. Take Volkswagen for example, a PR nightmare not handled horribly but not capitalizing where they could. They didn’t get out in front of it and if they knew about it before hand they should have been working on a strategy in the beginning steps, not after the crisis. Key to success is always being out front of the issues and scanning constantly.

Joshua Crane


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