Is PR for me?

2 Apr

I originally took my PR class just to fill a void and get some credit hours. Another elective that sounded good enough. I never thought it would turn out to be as fun as it is. The work is not easy but not not anxiety attack hard either. After a few tests and a larger group project that we obliterated, I figured out this field is a lot cooler and more interesting than I previously thought. 

A story I was following connected my major of Criminal Justice with my PR class. It was about a man who was tasered in his own home after relatives contacted authorities because they believed the man may hurt himself. When police arrived the man became more irritated and began to hit himself with a frying pan. I was curious about how the police would handle this so preceded on. The article took an unsuspecting turn when a minor incident turned into a larger ordeal very quickly. The police feared for their safety and the safety of the man (ironically enough) so they tased him with a standard issue police weapon. The man quickly stopped fighting back and dropped to the ground. He was unresponsive and the police switched into emergency care mode. The man was not breathing and without a pulse. CPR was administered but failed to revive the man. He died on the scene. 

The police do not always handle incidents such as these in the most PR conscientious way. They struggle with timing and transparency. Michael Brown is a prime example of this. Other incidents in history show the same thing, for example Rodney King, O.J. Simpson, etc. This made me anxious to see where this all lead and to see if more protests would result from it. I say this because the man was white and not black but still killed by the police. He was not armed with a gun but still was killed in a police altercation. 

I could not locate a large amount of information about this, maybe they wanted to keep it quite and sweep it  under the rug. Either way they did have a police spokes person release some statements. All this lead me to wonder if the police had or needed a PR person. If so maybe that be a great avenue for me to pursue. This would combine PR and criminal justice together. My professor at the time said they do not have a PR person per say but do have someone with some extra training that was an officer. The extra training was not even a guarantee. I now understand how they mess up so much. 


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