White House Wonders and Blunders

23 Apr


The front PR man for the White House also know as the Press Secretary Sean Spicer has made his own mistakes similar to Kellyanne Conway. The White House PR has not been ontop of its A game. 

This fits inline with the Anti Donald Trump movement, and for those looking to bash the President and this Administration. It’s easy to make fun and poke at the mistakes, they all have them. Past and future presidents will ask make mistakes and have their blunders. How they spin and recover is where the success or failure mostly derives from. Handle a crisis well and come out of the bucket clean. Stop the ball and come out of the bucket covered in, well you know the rest. 

I however don’t just look at this and make decisions on how I feel about the president or his people. I use all the information provided and make an educated decision. The answers Sean gives are real vulnerable questions and he is usually off the cuff. Doing almost always invites problems and it’s hard to not slip on your own words. However, if he was too have and give only prepared statements the press pool would have a fit. The act like childish and immature babies as it is. Shouting out when they don’t get their way. Throwing fits when they don’t get the desired press pass. Picking sides instead of reporting the news. 

Bill Clinton definitely messed up and had his share of issues. The press still did not pounce on him as hard as they did on President and First Lady Trump. Clinton lied under oath and betrayed the trust of the entire nation. His lovely wife then also lies to America over and over again. The list would fill out this entire article but luckily it is not the focus. President Bush had his share of goofs and mishaps. Oh and we must not forget about Watergate. 

So maybe we should give the new President a chance to succeed before we make him a brand him a failure. He and they will no doubt have some problems but with some optimistic thoughts and hope maybe the future could be bright. Maybe this could advance us as a nation and the poor can have a chance at that success, the same as those afforded a smoother path. 

So when I look back at the way Kellyanne Conway chose to sit on a couch at the White House, it hardly compared to sticking a cigar in a woman’s vagina as one of our previous President did. Also maybe the new White House press secretary has a slightly different approach then past ones but nonetheless he is direct and he gets the job done. A no bullshit press secretary for a no bullshit president posted on a Nobullshit blog. 


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