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Morbid Radio Presents No Bull Shit Here

6 Jun

Morbid Radio has picked up “No Bull Shit Here” Hosted by J Reign fueled by none other than No Bull Blogger!

Morbid Radio an internet radio station. Streaming 24/7. With live Dj’s requests lines. Now equipped with a amazing talk show. Thursday nights 7-10pm central.

Morbid radio everything local everything morbid!

Morbid Radio for everything morbid!

J Reign a creative Hip Hop artist using music as a weapon. Now host of a live talk show. Airing on Morbid Radio. Using our articles to fuel his talking points. Using our researchers and the Freedom Network. Driven by truth, knowledge and, FREEDOM!


Trying to make an impact. Bringing news and issues in this world of disinformation. 


No Bull Shit Here airing two successful shows to date. Covering fluoride, GMO’s, and a few other chemicals. Tesla, Illuminati, NWO, Google, FEMA, Camps, Coffins and other controversial subjects. Blending news, music, and opinion. Be looking for interviews. With artists, musicians, and other freedom lovers. Also video may soon be up and streaming.

We are working together to create a stream available on this site. Also adding an archive of past shows. For download and sharing. There will be youtube access with live stream when the new studio is finished. We are in the process of a full upgrade and overhaul. New equipment giving us new outlets. Allowing the movement to progress. Extending the axe of infowarriors. Reaching more people than ever.


We have created a little Freedom Empire. With No Bull Blogger, TheNobullblogger Youtube and Patriot Network, No Bull Shit Here Radio Show, J Reign618 (The Anti Artist), Collaborating for Freedom (Planet Info Wars Artist Group), Musical Revolution Mixtapes(Coming Soon)


Thank You for the support and continue to fight.


Freedom Writer


No Bull Sh*t Here





Blackout Blackout

18 Jan


Protect the Internet

Help us stop Internet censorship legislation

Today Mozilla joins with other sites in a virtual strike to protest two proposed laws in the United States, called SOPA and the PROTECT IP Act. On January 24th, the U.S. Senate will vote on the PROTECT IP Act to censor the Internet, despite opposition from the vast majority of Americans.

Join us to protect our rights to free speech, privacy, and prosperity.


Sexual Preditor Gets Caught!

28 Apr

Prime Example Of Terror On Our Local Streets

Here is an article written by a local paper. A prime example of  terror on our streets. This is the same man that is awaiting trial for a similar instance. Just weeks before these horrible crimes. He was released the same evening as the crime occurred. Released without paying any bail. For sexual crime. He then goes and commits more crimes of the same nature. Shouldn’t someone have to answer for the fact that he is a danger to society, and was released just hours after he  commited a crime.

EDWARDSVILLE – A teen charged last week on the assault of a jogger along State Street in Alton now faces additional charges connected to an incident outside a Godfrey store.

Seventeen-year-old Latayuss J. Curry was charged Wednesday with felony counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse and attempted robbery in connection with the incident two weeks ago outside the Schnucks supermarket in Godfrey.

Curry until recently was a resident of the Catholic Children’s Home at 1400 block of State Street. He has been in custody since April 14, when he is alleged to have attacked a female jogger. The newest incident is alleged to have occurred two days before the jogger attack.

He was charged in Madison County Circuit Court. Circuit Judge Charles Romani Jr. signed the warrant and criminal information against Curry.

Romani set bond of $100,000 for Curry, who has remained held at the Madison County Jail in Edwardsville since being taken into custody April 16.

Deputies with the Madison County Sheriff’s Department took a report from a female victim about 2:15 a.m. Tuesday, April 12, at the Schnucks at 2712 Godfrey Road.

The victim reported that she was walking to her car in the parking lot of the store and that a male, later identified as Curry, approached her in the parking lot. The victim did not know Curry. She said Curry was standing by the entrance to the store and asked her what time it was. The victim looked at her cell phone and gave Curry the correct time. The victim told deputies that Curry then pulled his pants down and exposed himself to her.

The victim said she was alarmed and started walking to her car. Curry followed her and asked her whether she needed help with her groceries. The victim told Curry numerous times that she did not need help, but he continued to ask. The victim made it to her car and started to load her groceries. Curry then allegedly pulled his pants down again and exposed himself. Curry then allegedly rubbed himself against the victim.

The victim reported that she had her wallet in her hand, and Curry grabbed the wallet from her. The victim said she immediately was able to grab the wallet back from Curry; she said he then fled the area on foot behind the store.

The victim reported the incident to Schnucks personnel and sheriff’s deputies immediately afterward.

Curry was arrested by officers from the Alton Police Department on Thursday, April 14, in connection with an attack on a jogger along State Street in Alton. Curry has been charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse and unlawful restraint in that incident.

Into The Looking Glass! Beware the future may be frightening.

3 Apr

Will they be successful? –

This information came from a set of interviews with Lyndsey Williams on Infowars. It is important for the everyone to be aware of what is occurring in the world.  We are to be separate from the world, but we are still living in it, and have to deal with what happens.

February 2011
Summary of Interview:
An Oil Tycoon – a high ranking Bilderberg Mason opened his remorseful heart to Pastor Lindsay Williams before he passed away. He told him some of the plotted events coming for us all in the next year or so before the take over of the New World Order whereby we will be ruled by China. But of course the Real Rulers are the Illuminati Bankers who will remain in the shadows as the Chinese take over!

This is what he said which also includes other revelations and facts given to us by the alternative media which is not masonically controlled.

1. Strike on Iran within 2 years and will spread everywhere!

2. US Dollar will be definitely dead by 2012  – currencies will be worthless as THEY usher in the new One World Currency.  The world as we know it now will be completely different in 2012.  Disruption of currencies plotted so pull your money out of the Banks, spend it NOW! “China are the strong ones” – China are the New World Order Leaders with America reduced to Third World status!  Timothy Geithner of the US Treasury speaks fluent Chinese! (KEVIN RUDD SPEAKS MANDARIN ALSO. ED.) Within 2 years we will not recognize America. The Elites have altered their Time Line. After 2 years we will be so poor, we will  not be able to rebel!

3. Gold and Silver is all you can rely on – convert your assets and cash to Gold ASAP – Urgent.

So I will say by food, seeds, amm unition, water, etc.

Don’t wait around because the Illuminati are going to crash the banks further very soon.  We are entering into a depression soon we are ALL going to be utterly poor within two years from now – peasant attitude and peasant way of life..  Don’t depend on Real Estate, Assets!

4. Crude Oil will be $150 – $200 per barrel in the next few months! – 5 –  Banks to orchestrate the Mortgage Banking Crisis which will be covered by the Act passed by US Congress two weeks ago enabling Banks to take over HOMES without the Deeds.  If you have a Mortgage, pay it off NOW or sell your home to enable you to pay for a home completely – even if you have to buy a shack.  Make sure your humble abode is PAID for – millions will lose their homes!
Link To “Gas Buddy” (gas prices by zip code)

6. Obama Health Care Bill is a Control Tool written by the Banks and implemented by the Insurance Companies!  It is Government Take Over – gun control, euthanasia etc hidden in this Bill.

7. US Govt gave China the Panama Canal many years ago – a Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and Tri Lateral Commission (TriLats) strategy!
Link To CFR Home Page
Link To Trilateral Commission

8. China owns all the Greek Ports!

9. China owns 90% of all Rare Earth Minerals – components for Technology, Weapons etc. China makes 80% of weapon components for the US Military. US is at the Mercy of China!

10. China is the largest extractor of Natural Mineral Resources, worldwide. They do more than half of the mining in Australia.  China is mining in Africa, US, Middle East, Canada!  China has a 90% monopoly over all the  Rare Earth Minerals!

11. China is trading in all currencies, making them Flush with Cash so they can buy/sell in any currency.
Washington Post

12. Russia is the biggest producer of Oil and Gas. We must watch China and Russia.  America will never win a war against them because the US has moved all its’ manufacturing industry to China!
Link2 Russian Oil Companies

13. The Elites, Globalists want a Middle East Crisis within a few months. (Came true exactly as was warned.)

Goldman Sachs Bank, the IMF and City Bank are already in Iran – they have gone in the back door so to speak in order to cripple it financially before THEY strike.  It is also noteworthy to be aware that US/Europe have sold computers with worms (viruses) to Iran – a deliberate stroke.  So we see Iran being set up like Iraq – preparations are under way for a STRIKE against Iran within months!

14. The Devil’s Messiah Project.  The terminally ill tycoon said: “we had to get rid of God to bring in the New World Order.  He said that the Devil’s Messiah means total perversion because THEY (Illuminati) cannot bring the Devil’s Messiah to a Righteous People (a Godly people)!  So now we know why homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, pornography, unchaste dress, witchcraft is being basically forced upon mankind – in preparation for the arrival of the Anti Christ!!!

15. The Illuminati are pushing the system for a One World Religion. The National Council of Churches (World Council of Churches) is financed by these Masonic organizations – the Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford Foundations.  It is interesting to note that Faith Communities are a Key Factor with regard to the False Ecumenism pushed by these Councils and Foundations.  Clergy Based Initiatives have taken over most of the churches in the US.  The mind boggles when you reflect how the Faith Initiative At Your Word Lord was stringently pushed in parts of the US, Ireland and especially in the Westminster Archdiocese!  Such Faith Initiatives only leads to an ALL  INCLUSIVE Church!  – 16 –  Ordinances (local rulings) have been passed in some Counties in the US which empowers the County Sheriffs to come and padlock a church if just ONE complaint is made against that church (pastor) for speaking out against homosexuality, dress code etc!  They are bringing in these Ordinances to shut down churches outside any process of law – just like China!

17. “We must have our own National Media to bring about the New World Order!” – which they have already – a masonically corporately owned media Civilization is being collapsed by design.  Elites control China and Russia as well as the US President and Congress. Congress are going to try and ram through the Cyber Security Act and the Carbon Tax Act.  The US Taxpayer will be asked to bail out the Mortgage Backed Security Crisis which will give around 3 Trillion to the Big Banks.  The Big Banks are snapping up the small banks who are trying to rescue our economies but the Illuminati who are the Mega Global Exchangers are having NONE of it.  The Name of the Game is CONTROL – to control your money, your home, your car – your whole damned life!

Infowars Link



21 Feb


All new layout. When the site is finished there will be a flood of Articles.

Surprises and Contests.

Also No Bull Blog Is Looking For Talented Journalists, Writers, Editors, Photographers, Artists, Reporters, Investigators, Scientists, and anyone else who thinks they can contribute to the advancement of Real News and Freedom of Speech!

Thank You for you support. Please check out the articles already posted.

Freedom Writer.

Marijuana In All Its Glory and Defeat

26 Jan

Marijuana-Dried flowers from the Cannabis sativa plant. Note the visible trichomes (commonly known as “crystals”), which contain large quantities of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. Scientific classification Kingdom: Plantae Phylum: Magnolia Class: Magnoliopsida Order: Rosales Family: Cannabaceae Genus: Cannabis Species: C. sativa Binomial name Cannabis sativa L.[1]Cannabis indica Lam. (putative)[1] Cannabis, also known as marijuana[2] (sometimes spelled “marihuana”[3]) among many other names,a[›] refers to any number of preparations of the Cannabis plant intended for use as a psychoactive drug. The word marijuana comes from the Mexican Spanish marihuana.[4] According to the United Nations, cannabis “is the most widely used illicit substance in the world.”[5] The typical herbal form of cannabis consists of the flowers and subtending leaves and stalks of mature pistillate of female plants. The resinous form of the drug is known as hashish (or merely as ‘hash’).[6] The major psychoactive chemical compound in cannabis is Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (commonly abbreviated as THC). Cannabis contains more than 400 different chemical compounds, including at least 66 other cannabinoids (cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN) and tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), etc.) which can result in different effects from those of THC alone.[7] Cannabis use has been found to have occurred as long ago as the third millennium B.C.[8] In modern times, the drug has been used for recreational, religious or spiritual, and medicinal purposes. The UN estimated that in 2004 about 4% of the world’s adult population (162 million people) use cannabis annually, and about 0.6% (22.5 million) use it on a daily basis.[9] The possession, use, or sale of cannabis preparations containing psychoactive cannabinoids became illegal in most parts of the world in the early 20th century[citation needed]. Since then, some countries have intensified the enforcement of cannabis prohibition, while others have reduced it. Courtesy of Wikileaks
Link to Wiki Article

Cannabis has been around since at least 3 millennium B.C.. For fabrics and other uses. I believe it will be around till the end of time. So unlike alcohol and other substances classified as drugs or narcotics. Its been here since probably before us. It also comes from the earth and is natural. The United States has had trouble with just letting there citizens decide what they should do. I guess some people are just unable to make their own decisions. Or at least some people think they are better at the decision making. With just one look at the Governments track record. I would have to disagree.

A government that believes alcohol is not a drug. Or that it is safer to consume then marijuana. Is probably not the sharpest tool in the shed!

I think I will stick to making my own decisions. Based on the best knowledge I can obtain. Herbal Medicines and practices have been around for many centuries. Link For Cannabis HistoryMake up your own mind on where you stand on marijuana as a whole. In this article I plan to explain why I think marijuana should be legal and also present the best medical and scientific proof I can to back it up.

With a deficit as high as ours. The Mexican Drug Cartels running rampid. Many untreated medical conditions. Medical conditions over treated with harmful chemical man made drugs. Why has our government not looked at Cannabis as a possible solution. As a added bonus it would also take money and resources out of the hands of these cartels. They are already becoming a powerful force in the Mexican Regions. Killing Mayors, Police Chiefs, Politicians, Tourists, And anyone else they feel like. With no regard for human life and its sacredness.

According to the CDC Alcohol is one of the most addictive drugs. Marijuana Ranks very low even below Tobacco. Tobacco is more harmful than marijuana . Still you can pick up a pack of cigarettes at every gas station and grocery store. They are not helping anyone but they continue to allow people to kill themselves. Believe me I know I am a smoker. Its a very addictive habit. Also very expensive.Link To CDC Article About Alcohol Related Deaths.

The Government allows alcohol consumption at everything from School functions to Political ones. Yet marijuana a highly functionable drug is outcast. A herb that adds to concentration and does not impair vision. Swapped for a drug that impairs all motor skills, and rots the liver.

Deaths attributed to pot are not even recorded because they do not exist. Deaths that involve marijuana are usually because of another factor as well. Here is a Quote from an Oxford doctor. “Overall, by comparison with other drugs used mainly for ‘recreational’ purposes, cannabis could be rated to be a relatively safe drug.” Source: Iversen, Leslie. Phd. Current Opinion in Pharmacology. Volume 5, Issue 1, February 2005, Pages 69-72. Long-term effects of exposure to cannabis. University of Oxford, Department of Pharmacology

Many countries have legalized marijuana. Some countries never banned it to begin with. Canada being the closest one to allow for this herb to be grown and smoked. The United States as a whole has not come around to this idea yet. The United States is usually behind in many things especially controversial ones. Some states have refused to criminalize and have passed their own legislation to make it legal. Some for recreational use, others for medical or religious.
Link to NORML and State Laws
Religions that use marijuana.
1.) Taoism
2.) Some Gnostic Christians
3.) Hinduism
4.) Buddhism
5.) Some Rastafarians
6.) Christianity
Courtesy of the Free Library
Free Library Link

So it I used as medicinal, religious, and social sounds like this Herb should be reexamined. For its uses and for capita gain. Economic recovery would be more obtainable. So I’ll look into some economic reasons why marijuana should be legalized or at least decriminalized. Nation wide.

First we see how it could be taxed. It should be taxed and sold like cigarettes. It could be regulated. The taxes that come from sales would highly benefit our deficit. It would bring more jobs to the front line of the unemployment war. Farming, sales, transportation, and so much more. Then add in the fact that drug task forces and law enforcement groups that are formed can focus on other things. Like the back log of rape kits, murder cases, and DNA evidence. Wow more city money saved. The cost per year to house inmates and for forced rehabilitations would be saved. More people that use this herb for medical or social reasons could get a job that requires a drug test. For a thing that shouldn’t be classified as illegal. That would drop the unemployment rate even more.

So thats two things dropping the unemployment rate. Just from the legalization of pot. Not to mention the government can farm some and make some more money to help sustain us. Now we have more people with jobs spending money. I guess that would not be a good thing. That would not stimulate our economy or anything.

If none of this makes since. You are not open to change or to learn new things. That is the close minded one way thinking that got us here in the first place.

Let’s stop the importation of marijuana from other countries illegally. Keep that money in the United States. Going to our country instead of others. This would help disarm crooks and cartels. It would help with some major border issues. The drug confiscated could then be used for sale by the government. In stead of being burned or stored. The cost of storage for recovered marijuana on the border and across the country is staggering. We spend billions of dollars a year just to store a product that could be sold.

If you have anymore information or wish to add anything please send me an email.
I look forward to hearing the worlds comments.

Freedom Writer.

Racism Is A Two Way Street

11 Jan

Racism in my face, up close and personal.

Recently I was given a phone number from a friend and neighbor to call about a job opportunity. I called the number and was asked to give my qualifications to a woman named Katrina. She works for Monroe Memorial Church. Link To Church Info
This is where the application and meeting took place. She then proceeded to tell me about a job starting out at 15 dollars an hour. Sounded pretty good to me, so I agreed to come in and meet for an interview.

What I was about to experience shocked and outraged me. It also broke my heart and left me feeling ashamed of my own community. How could I be feeling this way in church of God? One place I thought I would always feel welcome. A place where I believed I was to be safe and protected.

I arrived at 3pm. I was directed by church members to a small meeting area in the back of the church. I found a seat right in the middle of the room and waited for the meeting (which I thought was going to be an interview) to start. A man stood up and asked ” May we start with a prayer?” Then proceeded to pray. I was thinking to myself wow, we have to pray to be a part of this meeting? Well this didn’t bother me too much, as I am a christian. I just thought it may bother others in the room.

The first man continued to speak hyping up the man he was introducing. “A friend of the president and who also knows the vice president. A prominent business man in Alton and across the river in St. Louis. Helping build Busch Stadium, the Keil Center, and other big structures. You can’t get any closer to Washington,
Mr. Brian E. Hutchinson Competitive Performance Specifications LLC
Link to His Business on a Minority Website

He then took the podium. It started off with a video talking about his business and it being one of the largest minority owed businesses in the St Louis area. He then proceeded to talk about how hard it was for people that looked like him to get a good job. Especially in the construction and union industries. I just thought at this point he was stating some unhealthy sad statistics. Until I heard him say “The white man has been keeping them down since the beginning of time. He has had to work 100 times harder then those who are white.” He said that a good example of how he and others that look like him have been treated unfairly and are discriminated against is The Eagles Club on Broadway.

He then said that people who looked like him, minorities, need to change their attitudes and want to have something to leave to their children. I agree with one part we do all need to have something to leave future generations. Everyone needs this in their life.

This was all taking place at what was supposed to be a job interview. Then turned out to be more of a Black Panthers HVAC hiring seminar.
Link To Stop

Not only was he pushing that the white man is continuing to keep the Black man or men that look like him down. But he also was harping that all white men believe they are superior to all other races. That caucasian think they own the construction and union industries. They will do what ever they can to keep minorities out of it. He came across this a lot growing up and in the industry.

Not once did anyone even look at me. Not even to gauge my reaction as to what was going on. I sat up in my seat and had turned my feet towards the isle without even realizing it. Still listening to what was being said. He continued by saying he only hires young black employees. Willing to work hard and make a change. Every time he said something about white people being racist the group around me would say uh huh or that’s right. Even those, who just minutes before the meeting, were talking and waving to me.

I forgot to mention that it was for Green Energy Jobs. Training with Certification in HVAC fields. Guaranteed job placement. You can run your own business and be like him and only hire minorities.

I didn’t know what to do. Should I get upset and say something looking around I am the only caucasian out of 35 or 40 people. Should I just walk out? Should I make a scene, and say this is why racism continues. If you continue to feed the fire, it will continue to burn. Being a fueler is far worse then just being racist. A fueler creates new racists and hate mongers.

After about 30 minutes of this I just left quietly out the back. Not even looking back to see the reaction of people as I walked out during his speech. I called my wife told her what was going on, she wanted to pick me up. I told her that I needed to have some time and walk and think. Walking home I passed the places I see every day. African American, Black, minority people that I associate with every day. Saddened by what I had just experienced, unable to smile. What is wrong with my community? What is wrong with this church that is allowing this to take place in a house of worship?

Tell me what you think. Please weigh in.
Edited By: The Freedom Network

Freedom Writer.

Comment On Website About Marijuana

15 Dec

Kind or Kush Buds

Kind or Kush Buds

I will post the article I wrote about this. It will be available at This article will have many links to medical and scientific professionals. I believe it should legalized all together. Put a tax on it help us pay of some debt. I also agree that medically the rewards far out weigh the repercussions. Even with it being illegal. The rewards for some people are worth the risk. Migraines are a big issues, also bulimia.

Article coming soon check back later tomorrow.

Freedom Writer.

We as a “ONE” United Against Tyranny

30 Nov

The End is what matters. The means of getting there are just that. A way to get to the End!

One thing a lot Conspiracies and Agendas seem to have in common. “The End” Where we are going to be at when “They” win.

If we are all seeing the same outcome. Why then do we fight amongst ourselves? If we agree on where we are headed. Then who cares how exactly they plan to accomplish it. I am not concerned if they are reptiles, or shapeshifters. Live forever or don’t live forever. It does not make a difference if they are all devil worshipers, kabalist, or pagans. I do not care if they have the same bloodline, or who they are related to. Jews, Christians, Zionists, Elite, Banksters, etc call them what ever. All this is of little importance.

The truth is they are Tyrants. What is important is what they have done, are doing, and plan to do in the future. The fact is that they are a threat to Freedom, and Need to be stopped.

Stop separating, segregating, and dividing the People. All the masses have been controlled by these little tight knit groups. These groups at there core are part of an even tighter knit and powerful control arm. Using division amongst us a weapon, Using religion as tool to help mold and control the sheeple.

We as a “ONE” United Against Tyranny. Should come together. We will not let creed, color, race, religion, gender, sexual preference, social status, or class -Divide or Separate U.S.-


You have to stand for something or you will fall for anything. All it takes for EVIL to prevail is for GOOD to do nothing!

No Bull Sh*t Here

No Bull Sh*t Here

Freedom Writer.

No Bull Business Cards and Flyers Coming Soon

22 Nov

Awesome No Bull Blogger Business Cards Coming soon. Sent of design Just waiting to receive theme. Will be handing them out everywhere I go. I will also be posting flyers on poles, at stores, and on cars.

If you wish to get some of these cards or flyers to help promote my site. Please send me an email and I will contact you. Alternative Media is the Real News Now.

Also Still looking for Writers, designers, artists, poets, musicians, and anyone else willing and wanting to help. The info war is on and I am trying to get to the front line.

We Are United For Freedom<div class="wp-caption alignnone" style="width: 410px"No Bull Sh*t

No Bull Sh*t

Freedom Writer.