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The School Shooting

16 Dec

The school shooting on the east side has been flooding the media. A very tragic event. However it is being used as ammunition against gun owners and gun rights. Every time there is a shooting they shift blame from the culprit, to the weapon.

A firearm may have been used but is not to blame. The deranged lunatic that pulled the trigger repeatedly is at fault.

Across the world another man flew off the handle and entered a school. Using a knife to murder 20 people.

I’m sure you have heard the saying “Where there is a will there is a way” I don’t believe it only works for good intentions!

All the chatter about this is why we should get rid of our guns. Its sounds like non sense. If people really think that if guns are banned and illegal. Its going to stop school killings and assaults. Then I got a piece of ocean front property in illinois that I would like to sell you.

What we need as country, society, and world is a moral makeover. Our souls need an intervention.

An unarmed citizen is a target. A bullseye for criminals, tyrannical government, corrupt law enforcement agencies, and any one else wishing to take advantage.

So, I suggest arming yourselves. Obtain carry conceal permits. Protection is necessary in a moral less culture!


Illinois Attacks Gun Owners

2 Mar

Once again Illinois is attacking gun owners. The constant pressure on gun owners is beginning to be the normal. Attacking them from all sides.

When did exercising your freedoms start becoming unpopular. Now if you try to use your rights or exercise your freedoms. That you were born with. You are terrorist or conspirasists. People look at you crazy. Treat you like a nut. “~ I Gots Me Some Guns”

Those of us that are fond of our rights and freedoms are not crazy uneducated terrorists. Many of us are Professors, Police Officers, Military active and retired, Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Teachers, Artists, Performers, and everything in between. I would think that every American enjoys their freedom. There are several citizens unaware that freedom is not free. Also that there have been times in the past. That our freedoms have been threatened. We have had to protect them with any means necessary. If the past has taught me anything it’s that history repeats itself. Therefore we will have to defend these rights, freedoms, and principles now and/or in the future.

One freedom I am consistently seeing trampled on is the Second Amendment. Illinois especially attacks it gun owners and legal firearm holders. Threatening to release the names of individuals who poses F.O.I.D cards. Which received minimal attention by the press. Trying to sneak it through the back door. Illinois is the last  state to pass some sort of Conceal and Carry Law. Many attempts have been made. Getting enough votes to move in to the senate and or house. Never getting the support it needs to pass the bill or law. Illinoisans want this to come up for a vote on the ballot. They will not allow for this. Knowing that it would pass with mass support. There is a bill on the table right now. Being pushed through by the Agricultural Committee I found some news articles discussing it.

The legislation, HB5745, passed the House Agricultural committee 11-1.

Chicago is also a major threat. Issuing unconstitutional laws and bans on firearms. Chicago has become a Foreign Country to the people of Illinois. Trying to establish their city as the new Capitol. I got news for you Chicago. We are not looking for a new Capitol. You would have better luck Succeeding from the Union.

Even the governor talks down to his constituents. Basically telling us that we don’t know what we are talking about. I guess the statics and facts are all false and not of importance in his decision-making process. The past three the governors and many other politicians in Illinois are corrupt so what should we expect. Quinn previously stated in a press conference that he would veto a bill of conceal carry that passes and comes to his desk. If he chooses to do this. He should be brought to justice and dealt with accordingly. Immediately starting the Impeachment Process.



When Peaceful Protest Is Not Enough (Fantasy, This article is fiction)

9 Feb

We need to also be prepared for when this time comes. If this time comes. So where do we even start. If you are doing nothing to advance the movement. They are winning. If you are doing even the smallest to help the cause then the 2nd step has already been taken.

Read the Constitution. Read the Declaration of Independence.
Link To Constitution
Link To Declaration of Independence

The 1st step is waking up and realizing that you are the resistance. This is no movie, real life is unfolding in front of your eyes. You want reality TV. Get out your video camera.

Step 2. Pick a side. Choose which future you want America to have. Tyranny or Freedom.

Step 3. Buy Guns, ammo, gas masks, food, solar energy, buy local, boycott large chains,

Step 4. Stay informed. Stay up to date. Look for many media outlets. Popular and secondary.

Step 5. Get your group and or Militia. Protect your rights and liberties.

Step 6. Create New Declaration of Independence.
Link To New Declaration of Independence

Step 7. Reimplement The Constitution.

Step 8. Reclaim United States and begin to rebuild and restore as the super power and the world leader. Technologically and more.

Each Step to be explained in full soon

Freedom Writer.

What Are You Doing To Prepare (Tips and Suggestions)

24 Nov

The question is. What do we do to prepare for the future? What will help save our lives? If when it all comes down to it and we are all wrong. All of us conspirators are crazy wrong. No harm no foul. But if we are right. If we are even close to right. There are dark days ahead of us. I think I would rather prepare and nothing happen. Then get caught with my pants down.

I started to prepare as soon as I found out what was going on. I was amazed at How insane the government and the Elite were. Even if this conspiracy don’t apply to you. Say you think the Government is all peachy. Wouldn’t still be a good idea to prepared for disasters of any kind. Storms, Tornados, Floods, Hurricanes, Ice, Drought, Economic, Earth Quake, any disaster can be crushing, and we should all be prepared for these things.

Plus if we took it upon ourselves to be prepared at all times. Then there would not even be a need for FEMA. If we could disband, neutralize Fema then part of the threat could be taken out. I know that DHS would just step in. Then put another private non elected alphabet group in charge.


Fusion Centers, FEMA Camps, TSA Illegal searches, Military Check Points, UnPatriot Act, Federal Reserve, Voting Fraud, Warrant less Check Points, and the list goes on. What will you do to secure your safety in these trying times? What tips do you have for others? Together we can rise above Tyranny. Together we can make a stand for Freedom. Let’s work together to preserve of Liberties and our Freedoms.

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