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The School Shooting

16 Dec

The school shooting on the east side has been flooding the media. A very tragic event. However it is being used as ammunition against gun owners and gun rights. Every time there is a shooting they shift blame from the culprit, to the weapon.

A firearm may have been used but is not to blame. The deranged lunatic that pulled the trigger repeatedly is at fault.

Across the world another man flew off the handle and entered a school. Using a knife to murder 20 people.

I’m sure you have heard the saying “Where there is a will there is a way” I don’t believe it only works for good intentions!

All the chatter about this is why we should get rid of our guns. Its sounds like non sense. If people really think that if guns are banned and illegal. Its going to stop school killings and assaults. Then I got a piece of ocean front property in illinois that I would like to sell you.

What we need as country, society, and world is a moral makeover. Our souls need an intervention.

An unarmed citizen is a target. A bullseye for criminals, tyrannical government, corrupt law enforcement agencies, and any one else wishing to take advantage.

So, I suggest arming yourselves. Obtain carry conceal permits. Protection is necessary in a moral less culture!