In Desperate Need of P.R.

5 Mar

We thought Trump was off the cuff and a P.R. nightmare and he very well couple be. However, White House Counciler Kellyanne Conway has been right up there in the spotlight a long with him. She sure knows how to stay in the headlines. It makes no difference whether she is among reporters or the leaders of prestigious black universities. 

One big gaff Miss Conway had lately was her choosing to do a live endorsement for Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. ” Go out and buy it” This is all in response to store’s removing her product from shelves or hiding it in the back of the store. Conway risked her career and/or credibility in doing this. The left calling for investigations and for removal of another Trump Presidential team member. 

That was not her most recent goof up though. Her choice of seating style and placement during meetings with Higher ups of America’s Prestigious Black College’s. The way she is sitting had been called unladylike. They think she was fairly close to giving peeks up her dress. Also people feel there was a lack of respect from her to those visiting the Oval Office. What do you do when your PR person drops the ball? If any president ever needed a great spokesperson, this is the one. 

I look forward to what Trump tweets and what Kellyanne does next!


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