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New cd available free download

3 Jan

My new cd “Musical Revolution” is now available! Free download for all warriors. Here it is! The Revolution has begun! Download my cd free “Musical Revolution” Or click here!!!!


Where have I been?

13 Dec

I know I have been gone! and my post have been far and few between. but this is not because I’m lazy this is because I’ve been working on another project.

” Musical Revolution”  a politically charged revolutionary album!

I have poured my heart and soul into this album working on it harder than any other album I ever worked on!

I’m not sure if I came out and said it yet but yes Freedom Writer of nobullblogger is J Reign.

Musical Revolution has songs that cover politics, poverty, vaccinations. It also covers life life lessons life’s struggles, religion and many other things.

Join me on this new journey! Exposing their lies through music!

J Reign’s Shoes for the Nex FM Showcase.

8 Jul


Morbid Radio Presents No Bull Shit Here

6 Jun

Morbid Radio has picked up “No Bull Shit Here” Hosted by J Reign fueled by none other than No Bull Blogger!

Morbid Radio an internet radio station. Streaming 24/7. With live Dj’s requests lines. Now equipped with a amazing talk show. Thursday nights 7-10pm central.

Morbid radio everything local everything morbid!

Morbid Radio for everything morbid!

J Reign a creative Hip Hop artist using music as a weapon. Now host of a live talk show. Airing on Morbid Radio. Using our articles to fuel his talking points. Using our researchers and the Freedom Network. Driven by truth, knowledge and, FREEDOM!


Trying to make an impact. Bringing news and issues in this world of disinformation. 


No Bull Shit Here airing two successful shows to date. Covering fluoride, GMO’s, and a few other chemicals. Tesla, Illuminati, NWO, Google, FEMA, Camps, Coffins and other controversial subjects. Blending news, music, and opinion. Be looking for interviews. With artists, musicians, and other freedom lovers. Also video may soon be up and streaming.

We are working together to create a stream available on this site. Also adding an archive of past shows. For download and sharing. There will be youtube access with live stream when the new studio is finished. We are in the process of a full upgrade and overhaul. New equipment giving us new outlets. Allowing the movement to progress. Extending the axe of infowarriors. Reaching more people than ever.


We have created a little Freedom Empire. With No Bull Blogger, TheNobullblogger Youtube and Patriot Network, No Bull Shit Here Radio Show, J Reign618 (The Anti Artist), Collaborating for Freedom (Planet Info Wars Artist Group), Musical Revolution Mixtapes(Coming Soon)


Thank You for the support and continue to fight.


Freedom Writer


No Bull Sh*t Here




Local Talent Smashing

10 May

Local talent has been unleashed. Invading the airwaves. Morbid Radio breaking through unbarring a path for local artists. Underground 618 music now has a home!

Recently Sic Sad Brad, Freak and the rest of the Morbid Crew have launched an underground radio station. Morbid Radio is home to artists such as- Missy Malicious, J Reign, Freak, Lil Mike 618, Sic Sad Brad, Smerf Dirt, Tweak BTK, Krooked Killaz, Baby J, B, TaT, Leland, Mizfet, Blaze, and many more. Just click on a name to link to that artists page.

Many of these artists will be performing across the 618/314 area.

$5 tickets to the battle for TECH N9NE are IN!!!! ! SAT MAY 26th @ Pops Nightclub in Sauget IL. LETS GET IT!!!!!!!!!

The NEX FM RADIO SHOWCASE hosted by DRUM SQUAD dj “DJ BDK” & DJ IGLOO from 7pm – 12am @ 424 East Broadway “EAGLES CLUB” upstairs. FREE AFTER PARTY at RIVERBEND BILLIARDS & GRILL with ticket purchase from 12am – 3am @909 Broadway Alton, IL “free pool table rentals

Many have singles, mixtapes, and Cd’s just released or soon to release. If anyone is interested in getting cds, merch such as t-shirts or hoodies. Just leave a comment with your email. I will contact you or have someone who represents the artist.

Many of these artist are not virgins to the stage. Some of them have been performing for years. Putting it down from Alton to St Louis, back to Chicago.

Check out some of the live performances from past shows. Get a feel of what is to come.

Morbid Radio is the only station guaranteed to play local music.

Morbid Radio is also known for its other entertainment such as. Morbid Azz Pranks, You Know What!!!!!, and soon to be hosting  J Reign our very own Anti-Illuminati music artist. He will be Hosting his very own show. (No Bull Shit Here) Talking about NoBullBlogger, using our articles, interviews, and talent. We are very excited to see what the future holds for Morbid Radio.

Freedom Writer

No Bull Sh*t Here


Tupac Back On Stage

23 Apr

Recently on Snoop Dogs tour Tupac made a special appearance. Along with Dr. Dre. This may be a new fad or the next big thing. Creating holographic concerts. Bring back such greats as Jimmy Hendrix and Janis Joplin. It would be very exciting to be at a rock concert and Kurt Cobain pops up and starts jamming with Nirvana.

This just may be an example of the concerts for the future. Elvis Pelvic Thrusting all over the country. Many late and great superstars making a dynamic almost fantasy like appearance. Squeezing every last bleeding drop of money out that they can.

How much would you pay? Or would you pay to see a dead legacy live on stage? In a holographic state.

Snoop Dog is capable of performing with his homie. Just as they did before. He seemed pretty comfortable up their dancing with it. I wonder if they invited him to come back to the after party. He looked really good for his age. Making Snoop look old. Appearing to be as cut as the day he died. I guess Jesus has a strict exercise regiment.

I need some other people’s opinions. I thought the reason for a live show was to see that person live. Well at least alive. Let sleeping dogs lie. Tupac is dead and gone.

On the other hand though. With some fantastic over the top special effects. I could see myself enjoying the performance. I still would favor the real thing!

The deceased rapper’s appearance onstage was technically not a hologram, which by definition is required to be 3D, but rather an illusion using a screen and a variation on a technique from the 1900s called Pepper’s Ghost, which involves an image projected on a glass screen.

The performance image was created by a company called Digital Domain, which used San Diego’s AV Concepts projection technology and a Mylar screen licensed from London-based Musicians Systems Limited.

But the idea came from Dre, who, according to TMZ, asked Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, for approval to use the image. A rep for Shakur told TMZ she was “thrilled with Tupac’s virtual performance,” which she reportedly watched online.

According to Nick Smith, the president of AV Concepts, a full holographic live event would cost between $100,000 and $400,000, which would likely translate into a high ticket price.


So tell me is this the next big thing? Or just a one hit wonder?

Freedom Writer


No Bull Sh*t Here

Anti Illuminati Musician J Reign

19 Feb

J Reign sent us another great Hip Hop Musical Revolution song and video. Check it out let us know what ya think.


Freedom Writer

No Bull Sh*t Here

Join J REIGN On ReverbNation

18 Feb

Help support the Musical Revolution.  Become fans, download songs, share it, promote it, and enjoy it. Free downloads available.

I will be setting up a website for the revolution. Music, poetry, and art will be the focus. The best tools and weapons we posses are our Voices and our Intellect. Using these weapons gives us an advantage. “They cannot predict or destroy what we have not yet created or imagined.”

Follow us on Facebook, Reverbnation, Myspace, and Youtube.

I am trying to get permission from other artists involved in the revolution. To create a mixtape of Revolution, Patriot, Anti NWO, Anti-Illuminati. Then if the mixtape does well. Creating a show which will hopefully grow into a tour. Possibly generating a movement. Artists such as Immortal Technique, Yung-n of Youtube, Rise against, Lupe Fiasco(only a few songs) and many more.

If you notice there is a trend within the industry. Many major players are repositioning themselves. Choosing a side.

Unknown Artist

Local Talent Hitting The Stage

9 Feb

                                  With a little help from BDK and hard work local talent will be hitting the stage!

      Billy Da Kid and Nex FM will host a showcase referred to as “Underground, The best local music around, The place to be”

BDK is working hard to promote these events. Hoping to raise the level of awareness regarding artists coming out of the Midwest area. Talent that would normally get swept under the rug or fall through the cracks. He gives them a home. Their success is up to them. If they have the drive and the passion the sky is the limit.

The Alton Telegraph recently published an article.

Their First show was a success. Several artists came out and performed. The turn out was good. The atmosphere was very safe and comfortable. The live music was great. Artists did their thing putting on a fantastic show. You can check out videos on youtube.


That’s just a taste of the talent and intelligence of the ALTON area. BDK has infiltrated and cornered the movement. He has been involved in music for as long as I have known him and long before that. Well aware of the struggles having lived through all elements and aspects of the game. Defeating everything that has been thrown at him.

Local artists struggle to find places for live shows. The persona infused incorrectly with rap and hip hop. Has made it hard to get  the exposure from live shows that is needed for development as an artist and performer. Usually associated with violence, gang activity, drugs, and other distorted facts. Not the case as can be seen from the show held at the VFW.

Booking for the show was held last night( Tuesday 2-7-12) At Riverbend Billiards and Grill. To see if there are any open spots contact BDK. Spots are limited because of the reputation that has been built around it. Nex FM is the new home for Hip Hop and RnB. React fast if interested in performing or attending. Spots and tickets will go fast.

Hopefully everyone can come out and support our talent. Raising our artists to the next level. Help Alton receive the recognition that it deserves. For more information follow the links in the article. Take a look a see what they have to offer. Check out some new stuff while supporting small business, not large corporations.

The Spot To Be

Check it out live April 28th The Spot To Be

Everyone Loves Ron Paul

6 Feb

Below are videos or links to every person I could find promoting Ron Paul. Talking good about him. Or agreeing with him.

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Ron Paul Montage

Even Michele Bachman Trusts Ron Paul!

Upcoming Debates: (scroll down for past debates)

February 22, 2012 8pm ET on CNN (Originally Dec 1, then Nov 30)
Location: Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona
Sponsor: CNN and the Republican Party of Arizona
Participants: TBD
March 1, 2012 8pm ET on CNN
Location: Georgia
Sponsor: CNN and the Georgia Republican Party
Participants: TBD
March 5, 2012 Air time TBD on NBC
Location: Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA
Sponsor: Reagan Library, NBC News and Politico
Participants: TBD
March 19, 2012 9pm ET on PBS
Location: Portland, OR
Sponsor: Oregon Public Broadcasting, NPR, PBS, The Washington Times and the Oregon Republican Party
Participants: TBD